Mission Statement

The MCND is the channel through which the people will be gifted insight to the progress of the development agenda of the ‘Vistas of Prosperity & Splendour’ manifesto. This mandate was empowered by the people to usher Sri Lanka progressively forward in every sphere of industry, commerce, technology, sport & art while honouring & preserving every human right in strict adherence to the Rule of Law. The MCND serves to monitor and report with bipartisan precision the progress of the devices used to accomplish this mandate.

Vision Statement

The MCND seeks to be the backbone of the morale that uplifts the nation in preparation for Sri Lanka’s launch as a regional and global superpower. To concentrate the focus of every effort by the government for the people in fostering and securing a people-centric economy, driven by passion and powered by virtue. To be the mirror that the international community can glance at devoid of obscurity, miscommunication & non-conformity. To highlight and empower local enterprise, potential and intelligence and proceed to provide a platform where efficiency can be optimised and maximised. The MCND stands for the very essence of the people of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka